Energy Work

Wendy is trained in various energy work techniques including Healing Touch, Reiki & Intuitive Healing. Addressing the body as a whole energetic system can be particularly effective for diagnosing and treating the root of cause injury & pain, as well as opening up the whole system to new possibilities and growth. She has been helping her clients through energy work and intuitive medicine for nearly a decade.


Energy work can be combined with acupuncture and massage for truly comprehensive and holistic treatments. 

Wendy's Credentials:

  • Healing Touch level 1 with Lori Protzman 2010


  • Intuitive Healing 1 with Deborah Kremins 2011

  • Intuitive Healing 2 with Deborah Kremins 2012

  • Intuitive Healing 3 with Deborah Kremins 2012


  • Advanced Energy Medicine with Deborah Kremins 2013 - 2014

    • Certificate of Achievement of Intuitive Medicine

  • Usui Reiki level ! & level 2 with Sara Schroepfer 2015 - 2016